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Let’s Get Started. What do you need to do to get onto the waiting list for services at Touchstone?

 The first thing is to complete and submit a Chemical Dependency evaluation.

The evaluation you submit must have been completed in the past 90 days. To be eligible for services, the evaluation must recommend a Short Term Residential Substance Abuse program level 3.5.

Many providers offer an evaluation at a reduced-cost or sliding fee scale in Lincoln. Check out our Important Links page for a list of providers in the Lincoln area

Submit the evaluation by fax at 402.474.6957, email it to or drop it off at our offices at 2633 P St.

Please make sure your evaluation has been received and that we have current contact information for you.

It is your responsibility to make initial contact with our Admissions Coordinator to make sure we have the information we need to screen your referral and that we can reach you if we need to contact you for any reason.

Once we receive the evaluation, we screen the referrals to review information for completeness and determine your appropriateness for our program.

If we are missing information, you will be contacted by our Admission Coordinator for more information. 

You must contact the admissions coordinator at least once a week.

Once you are placed on the waiting list, you are responsible for letting the Admissions Coordinator know you are still interested in treatment. Beds can become available quickly so it is important for you to stay in contact.

If we are unable to make contact with you or have not hear from you within the past 3 weeks, you will be removed from our list.

Follow treatment recommendations.

It may be suggested to you that you enter into or stay in other types of counseling services until a bed is made available. Once a bed is made available you may be asked to go to Detox or respite services prior to your admission. This generally lasts three to seven days. This allows you to be medically stable, and prepare psychiatrically and emotionally for treatment.