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  1. You must be 19 years old or older. You must have a moderate to severe alcohol/drug use diagnosis and an evaluation recommending a short-term residential treatment setting. You must live in the Region 2 or Region 5 counties of Nebraska. Click the question above to see the Nebraska map of counties in our service area.

  2. How long is the program?

    The program is flexible, 30 - 45 days based on individual need.

  3. What is the cost of the program, and do you accept insurance?

    Touchstone accepts Medicaid, Division of Behavioral Health and some insurance as primary payer sources. A sliding fee schedule is utilized for those who do not have Medicaid Managed Care.

  4. What can I expect on a regular day at Touchstone?

    Throughout the day there are a variety of education and psychotherapy groups, individual sessions and recovery-oriented activities. Clients are responsible for completing daily assigned chores. Touchstone is not a locked in facility, and clients can experience two group outings a week to various community attractions.

    Services include:
    Individual, group and family counseling
    Psychiatric care
    Nursing care
    Mental health, substance use, wellness and life skills education
    Case management
    Recreational group outings

  5. Do you offer aftercare support?

    Touchstone will make sure you are ready to have a smooth transition back into the community. We work with clients to find a stable place to live or to continue treatment through community involvement, counseling, halfway house or therapeutic community, etc.

  6. Do you provide detox services?

    Touchstone does not have detox services. If a client is admitted under the influence they are referred elsewhere for those services prior to admission.
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  7. Yes, Touchstone is a CARF accredited program.
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  8. Is your staff licensed?

    Our treatment professionals have a variety of licenses and qualifications. Our full-time staff consists of a: Program Director, Registered Nurse, Case Manager, Technician Supervisor, Admissions Coordinator, and four licensed therapists. We have technicians who are trained to be medical aids during the day and night shifts.
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  9. Will family be involved in my treatment?

    Yes, we encourage family to become involved in the treatment process! If you would like for family to be involved with your treatment please let us know when you come to treatment.
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  10. What can I bring with me during treatment?

    - Clothing - up to 10 days worth
    - Personal hygiene products
    - Bedding
    - Digital music player/ iPod
    - Books
    - CDs
    - Prescription medication - prescribed to you in original, labeled bottles
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  11. What am I not allowed to bring with me?

    - Any illegal substances
    - Over-the-counter medications
    - Prescription medication NOT prescribed to you or NOT in original, labeled bottles
    - Knives or other weapons
    - Items primarily made of alcohol (hand sanitizer, body spray/cologne)
    - Any tobacco/nicotine products
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  12. Where can my family send items or letters?

    Any materials or items can be dropped off in the facility lobby at 2633 P St.
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  13. If you would like more information on Touchstone treatment please use the contact form on this site or call 402-474-4343.
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