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  1. You must be 19 years old or older. You must have a moderate to severe alcohol or drug use diagnosis and an evaluation recommending a short-term residential treatment setting that was completed in the last 6 months.

  2. How long is the program?

    The program typically lasts 35-42 days. However, the exact time-frame for transition is never pre-determined, as it is based: a) progress towards the goals you identify on your individualized treatment plan; b) attendance and participation levels during the scheduled programming activities; c) the creation of an individualized transition plan which includes safe, supportive housing; d) appropriate behaviors consistent with the values of the program; and e) other factors that may need to be considered.

  3. What is the cost of the program, and do you accept insurance?

    Touchstone accepts Medicaid, Division of Behavioral Health (Region Funding) and some insurance as primary payer sources, as well as Probation vouchers. A sliding fee schedule is utilized for those who do not have Medicaid Managed Care. You must live in the Region 2 or Region 5 counties of Nebraska, to receive region funding. If you are receiving Region funding there is a minimum charge of $9 a day. Please see sliding scale fee for further information.

    We are not in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and do not accept this insurance.

  4. What happens to my Food Stamps while I’m in the program?

    While at Touchstone, you will need to transfer your food stamp allowance to the program to cover the cost of your meals while in our care, which we draw from on a day-to-day basis.

  5. What can I expect on a regular day at Touchstone?

    Throughout the day, there are a variety of education and process groups and recovery-oriented activities. There are breaks for meals and free time every day. Participants are required to attend 42 hours of group per week, including: Dialectic Behavioral Skills therapy (coping skills), Recovery Planning, Gender Process Group, Recovery Meetings, and more. Touchstone offers access to recovery options, including 12 step programs, SMART Recovery, and creative options. Individuals in service are responsible for completing daily assigned chores. Individuals in service are also offered psychiatric care, nursing care, mental health, care management, recreational group outings and life skills education.

  6. Do you offer aftercare support?

    Touchstone will make sure you are ready to have a smooth transition back into the community. We work with individuals in service to find a stable place to live or to continue treatment through community involvement, counseling, halfway house or therapeutic community, etc. This will be arranged prior to discharge from the program.

  7. Do you provide detox services?

    We understand that detoxing can be a difficult and uncomfortable process and we will work with you to get through this time. If medical detox is needed, the proper referral will be made and your bed will be available for you when you return. If detox occurs in the facility you will be allowed to rest for a couple of days, but are expected to participate in scheduled programming thereafter.

  8. I have a medical condition. Can I come to treatment?

    Yes, if you are medically stable. Whatever your medical condition, it must be able to be managed by you with help from unlicensed assistive personnel. Treatment at Touchstone is not appropriate for people with unstable medical conditions. You are responsible for the cost of these medical medications.

  9. Yes, Touchstone is a CARF accredited program.

  10. Is your staff licensed?

    Our treatment professionals have a variety of licenses and qualifications. Our full-time staff consists of a: Program Director, Registered Nurse, Case Manager, Technician Supervisor, Admissions Coordinator, Peer Support Specialist and three licensed Therapists. We have Technicians who are trained to be Medication Aides during the day and night shifts.

  11. Will family be involved in my treatment?

    Yes, we encourage family to become involved in the treatment process! We offer a family education group on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. This does not take place of one-on-one family sessions. Visitation occurs weekly, after you have become accommodated to the program. Family members and friends must be approved by your counselor prior to visiting. If you would like for family to be involved with your treatment please let us know when you come to treatment.

  12. What can I bring with me during treatment?

    Space is limited, as you will share a room. You will have personal space to accommodate your belongings. We request that you limit your clothing to five days of clothing should be enough, as we have laundry facilities on site. The program will provide one towel, bedding and a laundry basket. You can also bring personal hygiene products, books, iPod (without internet access), prescription medication prescribed to you in original, labeled bottles. Additional items individuals have brought and enjoyed: MP3 with headphones, clock radio, snacks that will fit in a cubic foot sized locker, alarm clock, personal fan, a cup with a lid

  13. What am I not allowed to bring with me?

    You are not allowed to bring any illegal substances, over-the counter medications, prescription medications NOT prescribed to you or NOT in original, labeled bottles, sharp objects (knives or other weapons), hygiene products with high alcohol content (hand sanitizer, body spray/cologne), aerosol products, unopened food, energy drinks, smoking or smokeless tobacco products to include vape pens, lighters, torches etc. We will dispose of smoke/smokeless tobacco items brought in upon admission.

  14. Can I use tobacco products while in treatment?

    Touchstone became a non-smoking facility in 2014. Tobacco products of any kind, vapes, e-cigs, lighters, chewing tobacco, cigarettes, etc., are prohibited.

  15. Will I have access to a phone and/or computer?

    There are phones and computers available for individuals in service. You are not allowed to have any devices that can connect to wireless internet. If you bring your personal devices with you, this will be locked up.

  16. Where can my family send items or letters?

    Any materials or items can be dropped off in the facility lobby at 2633 P St., Lincoln, NE 68503